A Hero’s Journey

Digitell Hero's Journey



In 1949, Professor of comparative mythology Joseph Campbell released his seminal classic The Hero With A Thousand Faces. In it, Campbell puts forth the argument that throughout most major hero myths, present is a kind of pre-existing architecture, a structure that the myths must follow. He distilled these stories down to their essence, and from this essence created a story template known as The Hero’s Journey. This template has been so influential, that George Lucas himself constructed the entire story arc of the Star Wars franchise so as to fit inside it.


We here at Digitell are passionate about stories. We see stories as the best tools for branding, as the entire process of advertising is just a modified form of storytelling. It is in this spirit that we have sought to do with brand storytelling what Campbell did for the hero myth. As such, we created The Brand Hero’s Journey, our own story template that details the structure of advertising success stories.