4 Marketing Techniques for Facebook Advertising

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Of the near 2 billion user accounts on Facebook, several million are dedicated to the sole purpose of marketing their business. The constant confluence of these advertisements has made it difficult to even identify which of them are successful, let alone to distill what techniques made them successful. As a way to wade through some of the information, here are 4 marketing techniques that have proven useful for Facebook Advertising.

Identifying Your Target Audience

The broad strokes of target audience identification should be established prior to Facebook marketing. Once a rough idea has been conceived, Facebook itself can provide services to target potential clients on its platform with even more efficacy. One such example of this is Facebook’s Audience Insights.

Audience Insights provides businesses with detailed information designed in order to help marketers better isolate an avid consumer-base. For instance, let’s take the example of a sporting goods store that wants to market more effectively through Facebook. Audience Insights would allow them to see the proportion of Facebook members that list sport as one of their interests, the proportion of those people who live close to their business, and their demographic breakdown.

By understanding the demographics of these potential customers, you are provided with an opportunity to give a more nuanced tailoring of your Facebook advertising. Furthermore, you don’t have to relegate your acquired information to your own brand, as you can get ancillary data by running Audience Insights on other top brands and competitors

Custom Audience Pixels

Once a target audience has been established, it is imperative to then to seek a marketing relationship that would be most conducive to effective branding. Fortunately, like with Audience Insights, Facebook has implemented a feature to streamline this process called Custom Audience Pixels.

Custom Audience Pixels are a Facebook feature that allows you to further engage with individuals who have already showed some interest in your product. It works through an integration of your own personal off-site web pages and Facebook. The service places a line of code on a website of your choosing. As such, when a Facebook user happens to click on said-site, their movements and engagement with the site can be tracked, and they can simultaneously be marketed to through Facebook.

For the purposes of anonymity, Facebook does not let business proprietors know the identity of those who clicked on their page, but rather they put their user-data into a data repository and then place users into distinct groups. Therefore you can’t choose a specific website visitor and advertise to them. Instead, you can advertise to groups of users (website custom audiences) based on shared behaviour. So for instance, this pixel will allow you to communicate to groups of individuals who have engaged with your website in the past 24 hours, or those who have been back repeatedly in the past 180 days, but will not show user names. From this point, you can market to these groups through Facebook.

Knowing specifically what your audience engages with has immediate consequences for branding. With this information, you know not only what demographic you should market to, but what branch of your business they are most interested in, and what you should focus on selling to what group.

Facebook Events

Successful branding necessitates audience engagement, which can be a difficult venture if advertising remains stagnant. Facebook events can prove to be an effective technique to stave off boredom from marketing repetition.

Facebook Events allow businesses to market any significant changes in there product line. It also has the advantage of naturally building anticipation in its user-base. Beyond this though, events allow businesses to play off of real world holidays and momentous occasions in order to keep marketing fresh and customers engaged. The events themselves don’t even have to have some real world corollary, as long as they are intelligently conceived, they provide extra depth to your Facebook marketing.

Facebook Lead-Ads

For most of the aforementioned techniques to work, audiences have to already be engaged with your Facebook page. As a method to increase traffic to your page (on or off Facebook), it would be an intelligent move to employ Lead Ads. Lead Ads are a publically available service by Facebook in which individuals (or businesses) pay in order for an advertisement to be plastered in a user’s newsfeed.

Lead ads are an effective marketing strategy for a few reasons. For one, it has been demonstrated to increase conversion rate markedly on both mobile and desktop devices. This is in part due to its streamlined registration process, which utilises Facebook’s information archive in order to auto fill data. It is also intensely customisable, allowing businesses to fine-tune their advertisements in order to increase traffic to their websites.

More than anything though, Lead Ads are an effective marketing tool due to their capacity for targeted marketing. When businesses begin to utilize lead ads, they are asked to choose from a range of demographics and interests that they think most represents their consumers. Much like with Custom Audience Pixels, Facebook then tracks the behaviors and interests of users on the website in order to closely specify what users meet the stipulations set by the business. This provides marketers with an opportunity to be more specific as to the type of users to which they want to target, allowing for more effective advertising.

The Necessity of Facebook Marketing

Within 3 days of publishing this blog, the user count of Facebook had hit a milestone of 1.9 billion. As more and more of our advertising moves online, marketing on Facebook’s platform is becoming an increasingly essential pillar of a businesses’ adverting campaign. Making sure therefore to advertise intelligently through Facebook might soon be more than just a supplementary strategy to increase consumer interest, but rather essential.

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