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Including 12 months free hosting

Speed and quality serve as the cornerstones for our Express Websites. For prices as low as $2750 (Including 12 months free hosting), you are given access to a suit of dozens of different web templates, crafted to fit a wide variety of objectives. We assist you in choosing the template most likely to maximise your lead generation, and build a personalised website off of that template in an expedited fashion. Once built, you are granted the full ability to customise photos and text as you wish. Additionally, we also offer the service of altering text and photos for you, all provided at cheap and affordable prices.

As a digital agency, Digitell is just as dedicated to building your brand as we are your website. As such, our services extend beyond website development and into all aspects of branding, including logo design, SEO, Facebook Marketing and Google Ads. With this in mind, optionally bundled with the site are online marketing packages that include all the aforementioned services. In keeping with our Express Website philosophy, these packages are delivered readily and affordably.

If you are instead seeking a more tailored approach to web design, then try our custom websites.

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