About Us


About Us

Digitell is a full-service digital agency, so we cover every aspect of online marketing. This includes Web Design, Chatbot Marketing, Google Ads, SEO, Social Media Marketing and a plethora of other forms of online advertising. Most of all though, we specialise in the production of chatbots.




Chatbots are an advanced form of messenger marketing that use text messages to communicate with users. This is most commonly done on websites, applications and Facebook pages.


We use our chatbots to automate away many of the more repetitive customer service tasks. Our chatbots also allow you to communicate with customers in a far more efficient manner. They are a great resource for delivering information, and for creating leads.




Your brand is not your logo. Your brand is not your Facebook page, and your brand certainly isn’t your business card.


Your brand is a storyand like all good stories, how it is told has a massive impact on how it is received.


We’re here to make yours into a success story, through the power of digital. By using a variety of digital channels, we’ll help you help you engage your customers and attract more leads.


Our focus is to get you results that actually make a significant impact on the growth of your business. We want results – quantifiable leads and sales that boost the revenue coming into your business. Anyone can generate impressions, but if they don’t turn into real customers, they’re just numbers on a page. We create strategies and content that gets tangible results for you and your business, because your return on investment is everything to us.