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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing Services – Keep your customers updated

A regular email newsletter is a great way to keep your customers updated with sales, news, or special deals.

In fact, the average ROI for an email marketing campaign is a whopping 3800%. That means that for every dollar invested into email marketing gets an average return of $38.

The key to achieving email newsletters that your customers actually want to read and aren’t seen as ‘spam’, is to use email marketing techniques that don’t rely on force.

We can create your email newsletters

All too often email marketers tend to go for a spam approach when advertising. This rarely leads to any meaningful engagement and more often than not acts as an irritation to the recipients. When we engage in email marketing services and create your email newsletter template, we aim to give it a ‘personal’ feel as opposed to one that is too sales-y.

We believe that because email newsletters are sent to people’s personal mailboxes, there is an opportunity to create a deeper connection with them that is key to converting them into customers.

We can help you with every aspect of your email newsletter, including the layout template, formatting, content, frequency of posting and more. This is also linked to our online reporting dashboard, so you can keep track of how the results are working for your business.