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Digital Marketing Perth


The majority of modern marketing is now done online. While conventional ad campaigns remain relevant, businesses are now required to utilize digital marketing in order to thrive. At Digitell, our team of website developers and online marketers create powerful online advertising campaigns to help your business grow.


With digital marketing, we can now target audiences with a degree of specificity that was previously impossible. We are able to identify potential consumers by a thorough analysis of their interests. We are able to reintroduce advertisements to consumers after just one initial exposure. We are even able to tailor web design so as to most fit a consumer’s interest.


This powerful technology can seem overwhelming, as there is so much to account for. Our digital agency has you covered though, as we employ experts from every possible area of digital marketing. Be it SEO services, social media marketing or Google Ads, we seek to optimise your marketing campaign and get you on track to regularly converting leads.




The larger and more complex a business becomes, the more difficult it gets for consumers to find what it is they want. Quality website design can only take you so far, so many business employ customer support staff to help with product navigation. Of course the issue with this is that it creates an even bigger overhead for companies.


But what if it didn’t? What if you could employ a customer support staff that never required wages, never gets tired, and only improved the more they interacted with customers?


Enter chatbots.


Chatbots are a form of messenger marketing that uses text messages and A.I. to communicate with your customers.  They are predominantly used for answering questions and giving recommendations for products. As chatbots talk to customers, they only get more adept at settling disputes.


At Digitell, we offer chatbots with the most cutting edge machine-learning technology available. We are dedicated to not just clicks but also lead generation, so we use every technique possible to streamline user experience.


Email Marketing Services


Most businesses rely on repeat customers rather than one-off purchases in order to survive. Therefore, a relationship with your brand needs to be established, and new information must be constantly communicated. This is where Email marketing comes in.


Email marketing is one of the oldest techniques in the digital marketing playbook, and also one of the most effective. Put simply, it is the delivery of emails to promote products and develop relationships with customers.


Our carefully crafted web design dramatically increases the likelihood of consumer email signups. Once we have the signup details, we only ever update your customers with information likely to generate leads.


SMS Marketing


In only the past 5 years, the majority of ad interactions have started to occur on mobile devices. This shift has provided a massive advertising opportunity, as mobile marketing has become more effective than ever. Of all the available mobile marketing techniques, the foremost is SMS marketing.


SMS marketing carries with it the advantages of instant notifications and fast delivery. The consumer is always with the advertising platform, so the likelihood they will see your ad is extraordinarily high. With our help, the likelihood they will engage with these ads is similarly high.


Google AdWords Perth


Google Ads are the lifeblood of a digital marketing campaign. In short, it is the system that determines where your ad ranks in Google search results. In some sense, your visibility on the Internet is tied to the strength of your Google Ads campaign, so it’s of primary importance that these campaigns are done correctly.


Though Google Ads is available to anyone, it requires such a nuanced understanding that any amateur attempt of its use is likely to yield little return on investment. Digitell employs a team of Google Ads specialists with years of experience in the field. By purchasing any one of our Google Ads packages, you greatly increase your chances of lead generation, and increase the chances that your brand will remain visible to the world.


Our digital marketing techniques are not exhausted by this list, as we also offer a wealth of social media marketing packages.