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Social media has an install base of billions of users categorised by every demographic possible. For this reason, it has become a haven for marketing, as it is a platform in which people voluntarily offer up their interests, location, gender and age group. With a market that is only growing, it has become a necessary platform for businesses and digital agencies alike.


With our social media marketing services, we can help you transform your number of followers, maximise your lead generation, and give your business a personal voice that effectively communicates to your customers.


Facebook Marketing Perth

In addition to Adwords Perth, SEO Perth and Express Website packages, we also offer you a range of Facebook paid ad packages.


Facebook is arguably the most comprehensive of all social media platforms. By this we mean that there is more information offered about customers through Facebook than any other social media platform available. Recognising this, Facebook has made use of this information through targeted marketing, offering lead ads, video ads and link ads just to name a few.


As with Google Ads, an optimized use of this system requires years of experience with the platform. With this experience in hand, Digitell seeks to maximise your lead generation and brand awareness through Facebook. We engage with every facet of Facebook advertising, and offer services at a range of different prices.


Instagram Marketing Perth

Being a subsidiary of Facebook, Instagram is closely linked to the platform’s advertising campaigns. As such, we provide comprehensive advertising services for Instagram in addition to our Facebook services.


Though it has a lower number of users, Instagram receives far better levels of engagement than Facebook, or any social media platform for that matter. People are drawn to the visual character of Instagram, and as such, it is a great platform for business needing to exhibit a vast and diverse line of products.


LinkedIn B2B Marketing Perth

Advertising extends beyond business-consumer relationships. For many industries, businesses need to market to one another in order for effective negotiations to take place.


As we do with Facebook, Digitell makes use of the largest professional networking site in Perth and Australia, LinkedIn. Through crafted marketing campaigns, we seek to maximise your connection to other businesses so as to develop for you a valuable professional network of leads.