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Online Reporting Dashboard

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Your digital data in one place

One of the most unique things about the digital era is how it has provided us with previously unheard of amounts of data. When harnessed properly, this opens up a new world of business growth opportunities.

Impressions, conversions, leads, CTRs, bounce rates…with so much information available, it is incredibly important to have a way of synthesizing it all without becoming overwhelmed.

This is why we created our Online Reporting Dashboard. This is a platform that amalgamates your digital data in one place, such as your Adwords and website metrics.

Monitor your data analytics

We value transparency and believe that you deserve to be fully informed on what is happening with your business. That’s why our platform has been designed to be simple and user friendly. We use graphics to explain data and arrange the layout for optimum comprehension.

Our dashboard allows you to monitor how your efforts are progressing, so you can make informed decisions about what is best for your business. As always, we will be there to provide you with strategic advice and regular reviews on your data analytics.

Put your money in the right areas

Online advertising platforms aren’t created equal, which means you need to be able to adjust your strategy when new data comes in. This is the major benefit of our online reporting dashboard.

Let’s say that you split your budget equally among display advertising, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. After your first month, you realise that 90% of your enquiries are coming in from Facebook and that Instagram is only giving you 0.5%. We would then reevaluate your strategy and transfer the funds that were dedicated to the underperforming platforms into Facebook instead to give you a larger ROI.

Data allows you to make smarter decisions with your money.