What Is A Chatbot?

A chatbot is a form of messenger marketing that uses text messages and A.I. to communicate with users. It can be integrated into a website, application or social media page in order to facilitate the transfer of information between business and customer.

Why Use A Chatbot?

Chatbots automate many of the tedious and routine tasks found in much of customer service. They are in effect, the most efficient customer service employees available. They have a vast knowledge of every aspect of your business. They deliver information precisely and equally to all customers. They become more adept at dealing with customers the more they interact with them. Most incredibly of all, you never have to pay them a wage. They simply do their job, 24 hours a day, without complaint.

Our Chatbots

Chatbots don’t exist in just one form. There are categories of chatbots that are suited for different purposes. At Digitell, our chatbots fall into three fundamental groups.

Navigator Chatbots

Navigator chatbots are the most rudimentary bot that we offer. These bots don’t respond to user text. Instead, interaction with these chatbots is relegated to button presses. Customers will be confronted with button prompts and text asking what it is they are looking for, or how they can be helped. By pressing the series of buttons offered, the bot leads them to their desired location on a website, or offers them the piece of information they were searching for.

Though the tech these bots are built on is fairly basic, they solve around 80% of user queries. They’re like an FAQ and site map melded into one, provided in an easily consumable form.

Keyword Chatbots

Keyword chatbots are similar to navigator chatbots in that they’re both used mainly as an FAQ and a site directory. Where they differ is in their method of operation. Keyword chatbots work by a user typing in words related to their questions, and the chatbot delivering relevant information.

For instance, say a user is looking to purchase shoes from a clothing website, but is unsure of how to do so. By typing the set of keywords “how purchase pair shoes” into the chatbot, they will be given a step-by-step breakdown of how to place an item into an online shopping cart. If the customer merely wants to find the summer line of clothing, they would type in “summer clothing” and will be given a link to the relevant page.

These chatbots are needed for the same type of queries as navigator chatbots, but for larger economies of scale. Button decision trees are efficient for smaller sites, but bigger and more complex sites need keyword searches to cut through the clutter.

Intelligent Chatbots

Intelligent chatbots are the most advanced chatbot that Digitell offers. They are the only class of chatbot we make with fully integrated A.I. and machine learning capabilities. This means that these chatbots will get better at conversation the more they engage in it.

For example, let’s say a customer decides to order a pizza from a intelligent chatbot. After a back and forth conversation, the bot would place the order and move forward with the delivery. The chatbot would then store the information gathered from the conversation, and in subsequent interactions with the customer, would make pizza recommendations based on their prior order history. This process would only get quicker and more in line with what the customer wants the more times they interact with it.

Intelligent chatbots are great when there needs to be extended interaction with the consumer. So if you’re looking to sell a product through a chatbot, or collect user data, intelligent chatbots are most effective.

Facebook Messenger Compatibility

Beyond integration into your websites, Digitell also offers chatbot integration into your Facebook business page. Every category of chatbot is available to either direct, engage or sell to your customers. This allows us to streamline audience engagement with your Facebook, funnel audiences more easily to your website and deliver your products more readily to your customers.